Friday, September 25, 2015

"African Shell and Rock, In Conversation" On Offer Now

 "African Shell and Rock, In Conversation" Twomey
5 X 7", oil by C. Twomey

Found this wonderful Sedona red rock outside the studio one day, the same day I found this smooth, pearlescent African shell in a mystical mysterious Sedona-type shop. This original oil is 5 X 7", painted alla prima (in one sitting) unframed, on archival linen board.

Still Living Momentarily
Have you ever gotten away from what you know makes you really, really happy? Or maybe you didn't know it at the time because you took whatever it was for granted, like breathing.
For the longest time I thought the way to life and career happiness was a fancy office at an important company, wearing the latest clothing styles and reaching for ever more precious things to buy; or equally precious people to know.
Funny, but I got there. I had that New York City job and office, with an impressive title to match. It wasn't easy, especially for me being a small, quiet person with a big heart in the Big Apple. But gosh darn it - for a short while, I thought that was all that was needed for A Perfect Life.
I was a managing director of interactive multimedia for an enormous medical ad agency. The digital revolution was on full force in the '90s (first Mac: 1978) and I thought I wanted to be in the middle of it. And so I was, for many years. Oh, the stories I may tell.
The thing about nagging sensations, however, is late at night, when you're trying to sleep, they rummage through your head. The tough wall of denial starts to crack as it slowly dawns on you that maybe what you thought you wanted wasn't what you needed at all. You finally feel a pressing need to get back to what used to make your world joyful.
And so I did.
The Twomey Sisters
"Catherine & Ann Twomey Drawing, Painting & Getting Along"
Niles, Michigan; 1950s

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