Friday, March 17, 2017

"East Coast Vineyards I" by C. Twomey Auction

"East Coast Vineyards I" by C. Twomey

"East Coast Vineyards I" by C. Twomey

This is the first of two oil paintings on offer that make a beautifully matched pair. Please click HERE to bid.

This painting is of a gorgeous vineyard on the east coast, in Virginia. It is nuanced and detailed, with undulating rows of the grape vines in their full glory. The painting is varnished, and glows with it's exquisite attention to detail and color variations. It captures a stunning sunny day and distant mountains, bringing a sense of peace and calm. The paintings are framed in handmade, hand rubbed frames in a lovely grey-green shade and antique gold inset.

Oil on archival board, framed embedded in a handmade, hand rubbed 13 X 13 X 3/4" backed and wired frame with antique gold inset. Frame is a beautiful grey-green shade to compliment the artwork.

Thank you for your interest.

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