Friday, February 27, 2015

Why paint? "Taylor Jug & Pear" oil by Twomey

 Twomey oil painting
Taylor Jug and Pear

There's so much behind every painting that, until now, hasn't been said. 

There has to be an emotional connection to what I'm going to spend time painting. In this piece, it's the beauty of the old, worn jug; so obviously prized by it's makers and now by me. Then, there's the very physical act of creating: which objects? What are the relationships between the objects? What kind of light? How, how do I simplify yet suggest volume and form? The best of all? How wonderful it feels to start to shape something out of the air, to mix the colors until they're just right, and find meaning in the final result. I was there. I touched that surface. I loved those things.

I've been trying to get up to speed on what blogging is, and I've decided much 

of it is a guess. You have to waddle through all of the self-proclaimed 

experts and take a nugget here, a nugget there, to come to a semblance 

of a conclusion. It's maddening! But maybe that's the challenge. New phrase: 

In The Old Days (ITOD) it was all laid out and clear: galleries, publishers, 

agents, collectors. Not any more. I hope to blog my successes and failures as this evolves.

Thank you for reading and looking.