Friday, April 28, 2017

"Apple Tree Bonsai" Auction, C. Twomey

Original art by C. Twomey
"Apple Tree Bonsai" by C. Twomey

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The organic symmetry of this gorgeous apple tree drew me in. I watched it daily while in Vermont; the apples hadn't arrived yet but it was in full summer bloom. The light filtered it softly as it dominated the landscape. Many animals depended upon it for shelter and food! It's oriental bend in the trunk was unique and set the tone for the rest of the limbs. 14" X 11" on archival paper.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

"The Secret To Saving Nature" Auction, C. Twomey

oil by C. Twomey
"The Secret To Saving Nature", C. Twomey, oil on canvas

oil painting by C. Twomey

"The Secret To Saving Nature", C. Twomey, oil on canvas

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An evocative still life with nods to the past and present. As the EPA is dismantled by an illegitimate president, many want to know the secret. Nature hangs in the balance; but what is the key? Oil on canvas, 12 X 16" in gold frame, highly detailed and rendered, embedded in a gold box frame and ready to hang.

Monday, April 10, 2017

On Auction Now! "Homegrown Onion" by Twomey

Oil by C. Twomey
"Homegrown Onion" by C. Twomey, 8 X 10"

Please click HERE to place a bid. On archival linen board, 8 X 10", signed. 

Found this rich alizarin-red organic, homegrown onion in Vermont. It was huge! I loved everything about it, including it's personality. Added a lot to a salad, too.

Monday, April 3, 2017

East Coast Vineyards I & II Found New Home!

Many thanks to the collector in New Hampshire!

"East Coast Vineyards I & II" by C. Twomey

These two oil paintings are of a gorgeous vineyard on the east coast, in Virginia. They are nuanced and detailed, with undulating rows of the grape vines in their full glory. The painting glows with it's exquisite attention to detail and color variations. It captures a stunning sunny day and distant mountains, bringing a sense of peace and calm. The paintings are framed in handmade, hand rubbed frames in a lovely grey-green shade and antique gold inset.