Saturday, November 10, 2012

Artisan's Studio Tour Mud Dauber, Earlysville VA

Twomey Oil Painting of Old Library Building
Free Union Library

Today's the day of the Artisan's Studio Tour here in the Charlottesville, VA area. It's going to be a GORGEOUS fall day, and I've added some new paintings to my one-person show up in Earlysville a Suzanne Crane's Mud Dauber Pottery. Grab some friends and tour the absolutely stunning countryside of Virginia while visiting artist's studios and enjoying appetizers and drinks. What better way to spend the day? 

I loved this old library/residence in Free Union, VA, established 1781. It's very near the Country School, and the touch of fall was evident in the light and colors. Free Union and the northern Albemarle area has some deep history, with many of the original buildings remaining.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

VOTE!!!! My great Aunt Hannah did at age 100!!!!

Casting Votes for Al Smith, Fairies and Prohibition
Great Aunt Hannah, Age 100

Here's my Great Aunt Hannah, age 100, interviewed by the Chicago Tribune on March 17, 1928. She talks about looking forward to voting on election day for Al Smith (as well as about Irish fairies and prohibition...). 

She lived to 102. That's a lot of voting.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Artisan's Studio Tour: Earlysville, VA

Hope you can make it to the Artisan's Studio Tour which is coming up November 10 - 11. 

Studio Four, Mud Dauber Pottery will have my paintings on display, with some new paintings including the following:

Preddy Creek, Albemarle, Va, by Catherine Twomey
Preddy Creek Albemarle Residents
The tour is a lot of fun and gives you the opportunity to meet the artists as well as see them at work. You can also buy quality crafted work, support local businesses and enjoy food and drinks, all at the same time!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Virginia Area Dressage Association Lexington Show

Intermediate II, Wickers and Bethany Wood

A weekend Saturday spent with friends at the enormous Lexington VA equestrian show grounds. I've chronicled Bethany Wood and her horse Wickers, preparing here for the Intermediate II dressage test.

At this point everyone is just plain anxious, but fortunately Wickers was unperturbed. It was a gorgeous October day, with lots of competition and excited competitors. Here, Bethany in her "penquin tails" along with her mom Michelle bridle Wickers as the test slowly approaches.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gorgeous Fall Weekend in Earlysville

Hope you can swing by today and see my paintings at:

Twomey One Person Show at Mud Dauber Pottery

There's also a beautiful winery nearby in Free Union:

So make a beautiful central Virginia fall day of it!

And please note: yes, some of the paintings have sold, and thank you beyond belief to those who purchased! I am painting more, I do accept commissions, and would love to talk to you, so feel free to contact me.

Twomey One Person Mud Dauber Show
Bleak House Plantation Barn, Earlysville, VA


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vesalius Trust Lloyd Museum Art Collection

Twomey's Urinary System
Urinary System: Kidney
For those who believe in the furthering of science, here is "Urinary System: Kidney" ©1987 Catherine Twomey • All Rights Reserved.

This comprehensive medical illustration, I am honored to say, is entering the Lloyd Museum's collection along with four other pieces. This particular illustration was done in 1987 on a beautiful sheet of Canson paper, and has a piece of clear acetate taped to the top. The acetate was imprinted using a method called PMT or "Photo Mechanical Transfer" which was very common in the 1980's but soon became obsolete (computers struck again!).

So on the top is the acetate inked PMT illustration. On the flip side are very fragile and soft pastels and carbon dust. What's shown is a sectioned kidney, then to the right an enlargement of the functioning tubules of the kidney's system. The big lumpy round thing at the bottom left is actually microscopic in size, and of all things is called the glomerulus. Inside of this structure, the blood is filtered before it is sent back into the circulatory system.

This illustration was produced for a college-level textbook audience. The Vesalius Trust describes their mission as "Supporting research and education in visual communications for the medical and life sciences."*

advertisement*from the Vesalius Trust  website

Friday, October 12, 2012

Twomey Show Hanging

I don't quite know if saying "I'm going to hang today" is the best omen, but that's what I'll be doing! The show at Mud Dauber Pottery goes up today for the Opening Reception tomorrow. 

So given the busyness of the next two days, here's my last post until I can take a breather. It's a tribute to Suzanne Crane at Mud Dauber, and her willingness to take a chance on me and my work by letting it show along with her extraordinary ceramics.

Macro close-up of one of Suzanne's Plates
Macro Glaze Dauber (oil)
For years I stared at cells through a microscope, and I always loved the abstractions that would appear. Looking very closely at a Crane plate I cherish, it was the beautiful shapes, glaze colors and rhythms that appeared in Sue's work that sucked me in. 

Thanks Ms. Crane, more than you know.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Twomey's Blue Ridge Blue Road

Off of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, there’s a steep but worth it trail. I hiked up there with my paints and easel to find lots of happy peeps taking in the outrageously beautiful fall view. That blue road is Skyline Drive meandering through the ridges. What a day. Hawksbill Mountain has an elevation of 4,050 feet. The summit of Hawksbill Mountain is the highest point in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Twomey's Huckstep's Garage at Sun Down in Free Union Virginia

Twomey's Oil Painting of Huckstep's Garage, Free Union Virginia
Huckstep's Garage off Buck Mountain Road
Right down Buck Mountain Road to the west of the Earlysville General Store is Huckstep’s. This landmark building was put up in the 1940’s, and I sure believe it. 

I just loved the way the sun hit it at the end of the day along Buck Mountain and Free Union Roads. A stunning reminder of all that it serviced, I hear it’s just been sold. I really hope they don’t tear it down; it’s too dignified for that.

This original painting will be featured in my upcoming show at Mud Dauber Pottery. And here's a link to Suzanne Crane's Mud Dauber site.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Vineyard on Buck Mountain Road in Virginia

Twomey's Vineyard on Buck Mountain Road.
Vineyard Along Buck Mountain Road, Earlysville. Virginia
Driving along Buck Mountain Road as the sun was starting to head down, I suddenly pulled off the road when I saw this sight. The most stunning view of the day - the vineyard, the vines, the farrows, the mist in the Blue Ridge mountain valley's, the way the sun blasted the foliage. 

No wonder I love this place - this landscape view is about five minutes from my house and has brought me great peace and happiness.

This original oil is going to be available at my upcoming show Twomey One Person Show Earlysville.

Would love to meet and talk!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"You Have A Gorgeous Mug"

Photo: "You Have A Gorgeous Mug" was inspired by Suzanne Crane's lovely ceramics. I bought a group of these mugs and have given them away as gifts, so I thought: "You love it -Paint it!". This 4 X 4" framed oil painting will be available at my upcoming One Person Show at Mud Dauber Pottery, 4225 Earlysville Road in Earlysville, VA.

The show will run from Oct. 13 thru Jan. 1, 2013.
You Have A Gorgeous Mug

"You Have A Gorgeous Mug" was inspired by Suzanne Crane's lovely ceramics

I bought a group of these mugs and have given them away as gifts, so I thought: "You love it -Paint it!".  There's something magical about the colors and precision that Suzanne uses to produce her work. It is an honor to be featured at her store and to be given this opportunity to collaborate.

This 4 X 4" framed oil painting will be available at my upcoming One Person Show at Mud Dauber Pottery, 4225 Earlysville Road in Earlysville, VA.

This work is in a beautiful and unusual frame called a "floater frame". It allows the painting to wrap around the canvas sides and still be visible. It also helps a small painting like this make a big impact. The show will run from Oct. 13 thru Jan. 1, 2013.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Earlysville White Oak

The Ancient White Oak by Twomey
Ancient Earlysville White Oak 

I'm thinking back to the day I was able to sit underneath and paint this tree. It probably saw General George Armstrong Custer during the Civil War, heading to battle over Rio Hill along Seminole Trail Road.

And what about all those trips Thomas Jefferson took up the Trial and over to visit his Montpelier friend, James Madison?  This tree knows a lot. 

This piece will be available in my upcoming show starting Oct. 13. 

From the Daily Progress, Oct. 12, 2008:
Taking a bough
Among the estimated 172 million trees in AlbemarleCounty, the Earlysville Oak is royalty.
It’s the second largest white oak (Quercus alba) in Virginia, and when it was first setting its roots the nation was just starting to grow as well. From its position near Earlysville Road it has seen oxen drawn wagons evolve into fume-belching vehicles, and then aircraft join the birds flying above its spreading crown.
The regal tree has seen the Rivanna Post Office come and go and, for generations, felt the grip of tiny hands climbing and clinging to its boughs. Now it stands alone in the approach lane to the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport, a venerable symbol of the community’s love for this special tree.
“The story as I understand it is that they had to extend the apron of the airport’s runway, so the [Federal Aviation Administration] said the tree had to go,” said Robert Llewellyn, who as a professional photographer has been photographing Virginia’s landscape, as well as its people and historic places, for nearly 40 years.
“Then the community came together and said, ‘No, we want to save this tree,’ and for the moment, it is saved. It’s a unique tree. The base of it is flared, which is very unusual for an oak to have that much flare at the bottom.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Person Show in Earlysville, Virginia

Hope you can come sometime between Oct. 13, 2012 until Jan. 1, 2013!!!

From TED and ArtInPlace to a One Person Show: “Iconic Earlysville”

Earlysville, VA (Oct. 3, 2012) Earlysville artist Catherine Twomey will be featured in a one-person show at Suzanne Crane’s Mud Dauber Pottery at 4225 Earlysville Road in Earlysville. The Opening Reception will be Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Since arriving in the Charlottesville area over five years ago, Catherine has painted the Piedmont en plein air (“in the open air”), primarily in oils and watercolors. The upcoming exhibition, “Iconic Earlysville” includes the old farms, buildings, trees and mountain views that make Earlysville such a beautiful and distinctive place. 

In the fall of 2010, Catherine’s oil painting East Fall Blue Ridge won the Art In Place ( mural award, and is currently on display as a 12’ X 24’ mural on Barracks Road.

As a medical illustrator, Catherine has carved a career that has garnered national and international awards and accolades in the world of science and medicine.

In the fall of 2011, the medical branch of the prestigious TED (Technology, Education and Design) Conference selected and featured Catherine’s medical illustration work for presentation at the TEDMED Conference in San Diego, which is touring nationwide.

A horse lover and equestrian, Twomey also received the prestigious First Place in Open Illustration award category for the “Da Vinci Horse: Biomechanical Piaffe” illustration. The illustration was created for the September, 2007 cover of the USDF Connection magazine, with prints in collections worldwide.

The exhibition will run through January 1, 2013:

Mud Dauber Pottery
4225 Earlysville Road
Earlysville 22936
Studio/Suzanne 434-973-7943

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Person Show Oct. 13 thru the 2012 Holidays

I'm excited to announce the following:

We are still working out the opening times, but I'll update soon. I've spent much of the summer out and about the beautiful area where I live, Earlysville, Virginia, painting the old farms, service stations, white oak trees, etc., and this is the culmination of that effort.

Suzanne Crane is an exquisite potter and owner of Mud Dauber Pottery. She has generously agreed to host my original oil paintings in her large studio. The works will be available for viewing through the Christmas Holidays.

Hope you can make it!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chicago Bound

Taking a much needed break to sweet old home, Chicago tomorrow until next week. The fort is being held down by two attack dogs and two attack guys. 

Going to meet some new friends, and see some I've known for 40+ years. With my mother in hospice, it's time for reflection on the old home turf, seeing & hopping on my retired thoroughbred, hugging some good people, and basically getting off the grid. Well, maybe.

Just finished up this illustration of Retinopathy of Prematurity for the charitable African flip chart to be used by South African nurses in the field.

Medical illustration for African ocular project.

Can't wait to know when this project is being used in South Africa, in the Province of Kwazulu-Natal. Talk about feeling like I'm contributing some good to the world! It's a great feeling.

Keep drawing!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DaVinci Horse Print Sale

I am running a little more than half price off sale at:

on the "Da Vinci Piaffe" horse print, for a dear horse friend, until August 30, 2012. If you'd like an unprecedented "deal", this is it.

Look under the "Horses" link to the right. There are available a variety of sizes of prints framed on canvas, simple single sheet prints, even greeting cards.

Anatomically Accurate Horse a la Leonardo da Vinci Sale Twomey


Commissioned for the cover of the "United States Dressage Federation" magazine Connections, it was inspired by "The Vitruvian Man" by Leaonardo da Vinci circa 1487. This could be considered the "Canon of Proportions" for the horse performing the dressage movement piaffe. It is based on the correlations of ideal horse proportions with geometry. It exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance. 

Winning painting/illustration of the American Horse Publications Annual Awards, First Place in Illustration for "Da Vinci Horse", 2007. This print shows an anatomically accurate transparent horse and skeleton

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Charitable Works for African Children

Image of child's normal eyes, South Africa, Twomey
Illustration of Normal Eyes of an African Child for Ocular/Eye Examination

ust starting a charitable project that will help nurses in South Africa detect eye/ocular pathologies in children. Hope to visit Africa next spring and see the illustrations & copy in action. Here are normal eyes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marketing: Emerging Artist Tips 8.0

Continuing to respond to the series of questions I recently received from a new art school grad who needs marketing help, this Q and A or FAQ touches on a common stereotype for artists: being reclusive, quiet, socially inept, weird, anxious, reticent - you get the idea.

Part 2 of the original question: I'll go right out and say it -- I feel as if my networking skills are completely awful. I'm very shy and I feel uncomfortable approaching people, especially in business situations. I'm at a dramatic disadvantage here. I need to work on this. Overcoming these fears is the area where I feel I could use the most help, I think.

When I started I was very shy; in both business and social situations I was as quiet as a mouse and rarely spoke up let alone be assertive about my skills. No one knew how I was suffering, mainly because I was so quiet and shy that I never could talk about it!!

However, there was a spark inside me that pushed me, over time, to learn about and get over that fear. It took effort, practice and motivation to do this. It still pops up now and again, mainly because it's hard wired into my particular artistic temperament. However, it is VERY treatable and very common. Many people experience anxiety, but only about a third of those who do actually do anything about it.

Today, my clients, friends and family would laugh if I told them I was shy and retiring. I find that a wonderful compliment!

Right now I'm reading:

The Mindful Way through Anxiety: Break Free from Chronic Worry and Reclaim Your Life by Lizabeth Roemer andSusan M. Orsillo (Jan 18, 2011)

which yet again gives me the confidence and strength to have a great life. There are a lot of "spiritual" and "touch-feely" types of books out there, but that's not me. I'm practical and want to know how to guide myself through life.

Some more business tips:

Tad Crawford is considered a strong, artist-oriented leader for the business side of the arts. Here's a link to where you can find all sorts of his books. Back in my day, he only had this one book:

which was invaluable. It's probably dated now, but it looks like he has many other newer guides that are specific to various industries:

Another older but well-referenced book that taught me more than I'll ever appreciate:

2012 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market [Paperback]

Mary Burzlaff Bostic

The publishers also now have a website: 

I used to buy these books every year, read the relevant parts for my field, and then make the cold calls. A huge help that motivated me as well as led me to a lot of contacts and work.

One more piece of experience:

When you make cold calls and you finally get a human, they may attempt to just push you away. If you can tell that's what's going to happen, ask them if they're not buying at the time, could they (please) recommend someone who might be? They just might give you the name of someone else in their company/ad agency, or someone outside their business that will open up a whole new set of doors. Try to get something out of every call.

Cathy, Steve and Ann
My artistic influences growing up. That's me on the left, Steve then Ann. Take careful note of the pajamas with feet; must have lost mine that day. We were trouble, with a capital "T". In the living room at our house in Naperville, Illinois. Probably planning an evil deed.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Ocean Storm Sunset" Original Oil Available at Auction

Click Here to Bid

Oil on linen on stretched canvas, 8 X 10", 2011. Carefully packaged; signed by the artist.

About the Painting:  Ocean Storm Sunset was painted near Tampa, Florida in the spring. It is a plein air painting, which means it was painted outside on site, all at one sitting. This painting is full of vivid but accurate color, and the textured strokes add to the beauty and excitement of the coming storm. A layer of varnish has been applied, and archival materials were used throughout. 

Note: the second photo shows how the painting would looked framed. If you are interested in a frame, please add an additional $25.00 for a high quality frame and ready to hang piece. 

The Artist

Twomey's interests have evolved from consolidating and translating the most complex, stimulating visuals into personal artistic jewels. Nature and animals are her stimuli. Her images are founded in a love for the flow of the earth; a desire to convey the direct simplicity of the land as well as living, breathing things. Colors complement the seasons and are melded to reverberate off of each other. 

Complexity is explored as a jumping off point for the ultimate in simplicity. Twomey's goals are to create works that are “jewels” full of color, light, design and emotion. Her work can be influenced by the abstract work of Georgia O'Keeffe, or the realism of Winslow Homer, or the Impressionists, or even Pablo Picasso. 

• TED Conference: invitation to and work shown, the medical division, TEDMED (Technology, Information & Design) 
• Winner of the 2010 ArtInPlace Mural Competition Charlottesville, Virginia; Barracks Road, Charlottesville, 12 X 24' on Aluminum 
• Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators (FAMI), 2009 
• Exhibition at the William H. Benton Art Museum, Connecticut 
• Winner of the American Horse Publications Annual Awards, First Place in Illustration for 'Da Vinci Horse' 
• Exclusive medical illustrator for Roche Pharmaceuticals interactive multimedia program, OTIS: Organ Transplant Information Systems –Award-winning program distributed worldwide for heart, lungs, liver and additional transplant patient education 
• Accepted into League of Milwaukee Artists, 2005, juried 
• Founding Member, Illustrators Partnership of America, (Top 100 Illustrators nationally) 
• Salon judge and presenter, 2007 Association of Medical Illustrators Meeting, Bozeman, Montana 
• 17th Annual International Exhibition of Animals in Art - University of Louisiana Veterinary School, entry juried in - only 85 accepted out of 900 applicants 
• American Horse Show Association 'Buy' review of The Guide to Equine Electrolytes: What Every Owner and Trainer Should Know
• International Museum of Surgical Science, juried invitational show 
• Association of Medical Illustrators, Award of Excellence; Concepts in Biology 
• The RX Club/Art Directors Club, NYC, Best of Medical Art, Award of Excellence 
• Association of Medical Illustrators, Award of Excellence; Human Anatomy 
• Association of Medical Illustrators, Award of Excellence; Biology: Visualizing Life 
• The RX Club/Art Directors Club of New York City; Award of Excellence 
• Association of Medical Illustrators, Award of Excellence; Human Anatomy and Physiology 

Twomey is a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Biocommunication Arts and Northern Illinois University. She has also studied at Northwestern and Oxford. Catherine has practiced as a Board Certified Medical Illustrator for 25 years, and is currently working with the international eye-care organization, ORBIS, to produce a series of ocular illustrations that will educate nurses about children's eye pathologies in South Africa. 

PayPal is accepted for payment.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Marketing: Emerging Artist Tips 6.0


Recently a young, fresh out of school artist/illustrator in New York City contacted me for advice about how to jump start his career. This is an on-going dialog about how to approach marketing your skills.

Random things can make or break your ability to get an assignment. It helps to prepare and control as much as you can. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but your personal image and marketing methods are often your first, and maybe only, chance to make an impression.


I'm getting so discouraged about the number of "not interested" responses I get to my attempts to get work. Do you have some more creative ideas for getting clients? I don't care if it takes some work, I just want something to come out of it.


Realize that you will make many, many calls and contacts for every one job you get. It helps to hear this, and this is a hard thing to do, but do not take it personally if you don't hear back. As best you can, keep negative thoughts and emotions out of it. This is just business. You don't need 100 clients until you're ready to handle 100 clients. If you can establish a few well-paying, dependable gems, you're on your way. 

  • Keep an eye out for online or print announcements (press releases) about people who are getting job promotions who might need your services in their new position. As in the previous marketing post, congratulate them, and start to imprint your images into their brains.
  • Use corporations, publishers, ad and design agency's websites to increase your ever-growing and ever-changing (Potential) Contact List. For example, take this ad agency with offices in New York: . On their website, go to: . There's a page full of creative/media people, from their offices in New York to all over the world, some already using illustration on this page, that you can start contacting. Note: these people change jobs ALL THE TIME! They leave for greener pastures, get promoted, get fired, etc. so it's worth it to keep up with them and their changing contact information, otherwise you could be lost in the shuffle.
  • Some of this best advice I ever got: develop a VERY THICK SKIN!

Monday, July 30, 2012

SPCA Raffle: take a chance on Chance!!!

Photo of the Happy Cook in Charlottesville
Dogs and Cats Around Town: There sits Chance, the Hound Dog, guarding The Happy Cook at the Barracks Road Shopping Center. That handsome, happy dog will be there until the fall. If you're interested in winning him, visit The Happy Cook and purchase raffle tickets for the Charlottesville area SPCA. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Lloyd Library and Museum Collection

For the Lloyd Library and Museum Collection

I date this original carbon dust medical illustration back to 1984. I call this the era of BC, as in Before Computers. That was my left hand in a surgical glove, attempting to hold the surgical retractor steady while trying not to sneeze and destroy everything at once. This was created using dust!! Computers were just on the horizon, and the use of this method of illustration was waning.

As student medical illustrators, we learned all of the illustration techniques of the old masters. I think the only time I used this technique was as a student. The method consisted of applying carbon dust, obtained by rubbing carbon pencils against an abrasive surface such as a metal file, to a prepared surface via dry brushes. Highlights were painted on or scratched out later in the process using fine instruments or erasures. A very specialized paper was used. Wonder if it's even made anymore.

This extremely fragile piece is entering the Lloyd Library and Museum in Ohio as a part of the Vesalius Trust Collection of Art Serving Medicine and Science. I hope to continue to post pieces as they're prepared for shipping.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marketing: Emerging Artist Tips 3.0


Recently a young, fresh out of school artist (working at Starbucks) in New York City contacted me for advice about how to jump start his career. He'd had some good assignments as an illustrator, but things have slowed greatly recently and he needs help.

His question below stems from my asking him if he is thinking of changing careers at this slow juncture, and finding a more lucrative "regular" job. A lot of succeeding as an artist is having an extraordinarily thick skin, stamina, and patience. It is not for the faint of heart or those vaguely motivated. 


I am not at this time considering changing careers. Yes, I am young. Yes, I am poor. If either of those sentences changes, then I'll revisit the subject. Until then, I hold firm to something my mother told me years ago, when I first expressed interest in commercial art -- that illustration is the business of the last man standing. If I can just hold on long enough, it will work. I will outlast the others because whenever I pick up a pencil or a paintbrush, I know that this is what I was meant to do. Whenever things get a little dry (right now would be a good example) I always toss options around out loud. I never really mean any of them. I'm here to stay.


Being young and unencumbered (forgive me, I don't know if you're married and/or have children, I'm just guessing you're not) is the best way to start building a career in illustration. Your mother is exactly right - it takes almost unlimited perseverance at first. There will be weeks and months (and of course, weekends) when you have so much work you won't have a minute off and yet you can't afford to turn anything down; and then a dry period will test your commitment and make you get back to marketing all over again. 

The harder you work, the better you'll think, the freer you'll create, the more confident you'll become, and the more likely buyers will trust that you will do a terrific, professional job on time and on budget. They will trust you to make them look great.

You sound very self-aware of how you feel about being an illustrator. That's essential, because if you can't convince yourself that what you're doing is worth it, you won't convince anyone else.

Cardiovascular samples to win interactive multimedia work.
The National Institute of Health contacted me years ago, wanting samples of my interactive multimedia cardiovascular work. I quickly put together this sample containing simple contact information and captions describing each project. This mailing was sent with a cover letter and resume; if I recall correctly, at the time it was quite risky if not impossible to send such large files online. Note that each sample shown is specifically geared to the heart and cardiovascular system. I got the job.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wickers The Warmblood Finished & Framed

Framed, varnished and ready to deliver.light washes and color

Finally finished up the portrait of the lovely Wickers the Warmblood. Wicker's owner is very pleased with how the portrait turned out, which makes it all worthwhile. I've included the very early wash-in phase of the painting on the right. The basic elements of light and dark followed through to the finish.

It would have been very easy to take the detail too far. I primarily wanted to capture her beautiful, soft eye in the sun.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Da Vinci Horse Dressage

First Place Award in Illustration/American Horse Publications

Da Vinci Horse Dressage

Click Here to Bid   

Item specifics

Original/Reproduction:Original Heritage GicleeMedium:Giclee on Canvas
Listed By:Catherine TwomeySubject:Horse in Da Vinci Style performing a Piaffe

This 11 X 13" giclee print is signed by award-winning artist C. Twomey. The image is 10" X 8", and is a giclee from Heritage. It is unframed. 

Commissioned for the cover of the "United States Dressage Federation" magazine Connections, it was inspired by "The Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1487. This could be considered the Canon of Proportions" for the horse performing the dressage movement piaffe. It is based on the correlations of ideal horse proportions with geometry. It exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance.

This winning painting won "First Place in Illustration for the American Horse Publications Annual Awards in 2007. It depicts an anatomically accurate transparent horse and skeleton.

NOTE: this is the first time I've sold a painting on ebay in years. The prices reflect this "experiment" into selling and are abnormally low. A great time to take advantage of pricing that will continue to rise.

Visit for my resume, awards and portfolio.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Marketing: Emerging Artist Tips 2.0

  • Recently I was contacted by a young, fresh out of art school "artist" who specializes in illustration. I put "artist" in quotes because he's currently working at a Starbucks in New York City and trying to succeed on the side. A hard-working, very talented person who just can't seem to break into the field, and finding that the information given in art school just wasn't enough. 
  • Although it's been many years since I've had to start out attempting to become a successful artist, and though the tools have changed, the basic principles remain the same. I'm still marketing all these years later, so I'm going to occasionally post edited versions of the questions asked, along with my responses. 
  • "I get overwhelmed by how to go about getting clients and remembering who I contacted and when. Things keep falling through the cracks and I feel like there are opportunities I'm missing because of it. How can I get my act together and start to run like a business not a class I just need to pass?"

  • You need software or some kind of formal note taking to help you keep track of names, titles, addresses, phone, etc. It's the kind of thing that will tell you what you mailed to someone, and when, so you know when to make a follow-up call to the mailing to see if you can open a door or elicit a response. You MUST keep this updated. You'll be amazed at how quickly people change jobs, titles, cell phone numbers, etc. There is expensive and dedicated software out there to do this, but I have found that just setting up a table in Word or getting a program like Filemaker pro works just as well. 
  • Whatever software you get, you have to use it to make it worthwhile! I would force myself to cold call, say, five or ten contacts a week (minimum) unless I was so overwhelmed with work that I wasn't getting any sleep. This is something that I had to do throughout my career. Cold calling and being more extroverted is not fun or easy at first, especially if you're shy and/or reticent. Believe me, I know, as that describes me to a "T". Often, it's the way of artists. For more information, I'll get into how to recognize and deal with this in depth later on.
Catherine Twomey LLC, ArtistsArt LLC, Medical Illustration

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Power Back UP!

He's finished! Lookin' happy and good, your typical hound dog.

  • We have power!!! It's been out since Friday night, making for a very long, hot, basically incommunicado four days. Lots of time spent at Starbucks & Panera. We really got hit by the derecho (straight line) storm, and so did lots of people, trees, homes and power lines. There are still over one million people without electricity, and it's 95 today.
  • The best thing I could do with time on my hands was finish the SPCA hound dog for the "Dogs and Cats Around Town" event, so I did! There is Chance the Hound above. On Friday afternoon we're taking him to the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, where there's going to be a big kick-off for all 18 dog and cat statues at 5:00 pm at the Freedom Wall. Everyone's invited so come on down!
  • Hope everyone else is well and staying cool. It's great to be back!