Medical Illustrations & Communications

The following represent a thirty year in-the-making body of work. Sectors represented include advertising agencies, medical education companies, corporations, schools, publishers, physicians, small businesses, medical legal firms, charities and more.

Published on the cover of Hospital Practice Journal article on lung pathologies.

Publication on the Causes of Pain; illustration showing the anatomy of the peripheral nerve fibers.

Conceptual cover illustration for a medical education symposium on Cardiovascular Disease
Medical legal illustration used as evidence in a automobile accident case
where the spinal vertebra were fractured.

Interactive program on the Senses: Hearing and the connections between the ear and brain.

Two illustrations above currently used in a charitable South African program, teaching nurses how to recognize pediatric ocular pathologies in order to prevent blindness.
Anagen Phase of Follicular Development for a hair growth pharmaceutical product.

Pathologies of Red Blood Cells, publication.

Comparison of normal venous dynamics vs. Chronic Venous Insufficiency, created for medical education company for cardiovascular anatomy and physiology.

Anatomy and Physiology book showing the Bilipid Cell Membrane

Partuition: Nine-month Fetus for medical legal case.
Pediatric Digestive System for publication.

Cellular Tree Structure for book on biology.

Animal and Plant Cells for book on anatomy.
Equine Digestive System for United States Dressage Federation publication.

Cruciate Ligaments for anatomy book.

Knee Ligaments for anatomy book.

Interactive Program for Transplant Patients: Dialysis Illustration

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