Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Coquina Bay Docking Plein Air Painting

oil painting, catherine twomey
"Coquina Bay Docking" C. Twomey; oil on archival board

Just finished this, it is a plein air painting on a gorgeous day on Anna Marie Island in Florida. The egrets came and went while the fish jumped. I enjoyed every minute, especially when the neighborhood kids came calling. The painting will be dry and ready to ship in about a week.


My painting process is to first layer in a warm color, like burnt sienna, onto white linen canvas. With that thin layer still wet, I wipe out the lightest areas, which later provides luminosity and usually is enough to define the shapes. Next, I apply the lightest and then darkest areas, which helps to establish the values and colors. Finally middle tones and more detailed areas are applied, always looking to harmonize the colors, refine the drawing and focus on the center of interest.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Robinson Preserve, Near Sarasota

Sketch by C. Twomey
Near Sarasota, 2:00pm 1.7.18

Having a wonderful time getting back to some value work. This preserve was stunning; took a walk for about an hour and saw herons, egrets and mangroves. Faber Castell pastel pencils on a grey paper sketchbook.