Monday, April 28, 2014

"Deer Skull With Aura", Sold

by Catherine Twomey
Deer Skull With Aura

The dogs and I were hiking through the woods - which can be pretty wild here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Moxie the red dog joyfully brought me this magical find. I cleaned it in bleach and set it up to paint. Lo and behold, it more than spoke to me thru the oils. I spent a long, long time on it - medical illustrator that I was - exploring the sutures, eye sockets, foramen, orifices and so on; so it began to take on a new, mystical life. Hence, the slight aura emanating from the top. It's a straight-on expression of curiosity and structure that seeped into my soul.

The Latin name for white tailed deer is odocoileus virginianus. Quite a mouthful. I prefer Deer Skull With Aura. 

The second I showed this to a friend, he bought it. I painted the majority of this at the end of the winter, feeling blue and out of sorts. It's one of the pieces that's either a love or a hate. It's going into the hands of someone who will love it.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Wakefield Farm Shed With Dogwoods: Built 1781

Starting at Auction tomorrow, Saturday April 26:

by Catherine Twomey
Wakefield Farm Shed With Dogwoods: Built 1781

First local plein air of the season, I painted this last Monday at the gorgeous Wakefield Farm. The farm is in my back yard and houses 25 horses. It was built in 1781 and has many of the original structures, including this shed. 

I was taken by the beautiful aging grays of the shed's walls against the brilliant pinks, white and apricots of the flowering dogwoods. What a sight! As I painted at least five people came over for pleasant chats and comments. A day that will not soon be forgotten.

The original oil is 5X7" and is on archival linen board. The painting is unframed. This is how the painting would look framed:

by Catherine Twomey

Thank you for your interest.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Award Winning Artist Auction: Twomey

Spring has sprung and the bug has bitten. 

This original oil painting is now at auction at:

 Daily Paintworks Auction
Daffodils Coming and Going, Catherine Twomey
8 X 6" oil on archival linen board

These daffodils are from my garden, and after the harsh winter were some of the first bulbs to bloom. Welcome they were! The darker yellow one was fresh the first day, but kept changing position as it aged, so I solved that by softening the petals and giving them a whimsical flightiness. I cherish the vase; it's art deco elegance compliments everything it meets.

This oil is original, on 8 X 6" archival linen board. It is unframed. This is how the painting would look framed:

Thanks for your interest!