Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ARTISTS ALERT!!! Call for Copyright Action!!!!

Fellow artists,

The 1976 Copyright Act is being written, and NOT for the good of artist's rights. It is critical that all artists who want and need their revenue streams, royalties and indeed, the creative ownership of their own work to remain intact, then your input is needed immediately

Once the law is rewritten, then the opportunity to make a difference is lost.

Until Thursday, July 23, 2015, you may contact the Copyright Office and submit your opinion. If you want to know the background about this complex but very important issue, then you will find an in-depth interview on youtube. The interview is titled: 

"Everything You Know About Copyright Is About To Change - Brad Holland" 

Here is the LINK.

In 2008 over 100 artists from all walks of life spent our own time, money and energy to go to Washington DC. We rallied thousands of artists to send in their work samples, letters, etc. and we went to the offices (and often met with) every Senator and member of the House of Representatives to let them know what we expected from them. 

We have lawyers (often pro bono) and have hired lobbyists to represent artist's rights. The bill died from the pressure put on artists from across the country.

It is time to fight for our rights again. 

Thank you.

Catherine Twomey
Board Certified Medical Illustrator
Fine Artist, Currently Licensing Over 20 fine art images

Monday, July 20, 2015

ARTISTS ALERT!!!! The Copyright Laws Are Being Re-Written!!!!

Fellow Artists!!! This is a critical week - please submit comments about what your copyrights mean to you at:
To understand the background and complex issues at hand, please view this interview with renowned illustrator Brad Holland:

Please use this form to submit a comment to the Copyright Office regarding its Notice of Inquiry on Copyright Protection for Certain Visual Works.