Thursday, April 18, 2013

Red Barn Star

Barn in Free Union, VA by Catherine Twomey
Red Barn Star by Twomey
I am very excited to release this painting that was commissioned by a patron in the Earlysville area. It's hard to describe how picturesque these acres are, and the barn epitomized all there was to see. Morgan horses are kept in this barn, which is an original "antique" although it's been restored and is in perfect condition.

Coming from the Midwest, it's still hard for me to believe how beautiful the Blue Ridge mountains are. Throw in the history here and I get all carried away. 

This is an 8 X 10" oil on linen board.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Huckstep's Garage Redux And Beyond

Catherine Twomey Huckstep's Garage

Just finished this latest rendition of Huckstep's Garage in Free Union, VA. This was commissioned by the person whose father actually made the "Huckstep's Garage" sign on the right. This iconic set of buildings just sold, and I'm hoping beyond hope they won't be razed, but rehabbed instead.

This almost brings to an end a large number of commissions I've been working on since October. There's a sea change coming as well. Meaning, I'm feeling an overwhelming need to paint in a vastly new way.

Representational is good. But of late, however, it's not been enough. Having "done" representational and accurate forever, I need to dig deeper and see what's there. There's this unavoidable need to move beyond and into a previously untapped expressiveness. That, I think, will be the next step, and as per usual, I'm gung ho to get going. Look out! No promises being made, but a deluge of energy pouring forth.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scenes From The Julia Sweeney Michael Blum Wedding

Sequence of Rick Freeman (note Men's Warehouse tux!) and me at Julia Sweeney's fabulous wedding. During the reception the lobby was set up with a photo booth and thru the night guest's souls were captured for all eternity. So here we are, from dignified to not-so. Just a tiny glass of wine and all hell broke loose. Really wish I had some shots of me dancing with Kim Dickens! — with Julia Sweeney and Rick Freeman at Hollywood, California.

Photo Booth Capturing Our Souls

In the Lobby Photo Booth

Julie Sweeney on the Today Show IN A FEW MINUTES!

Julia Sweeney appearing on The Today Show (ttps:// this morning - any moment now! - here's a photo of Julia and her new husband Michael I took at their wedding in Hollywood a few years ago. The BEST and MOST FUN WEDDING ever, officiated by Father Guido Sarducci ( with appearances by Jill Sobule ( and other glamorous luminaries who already get enough publicity. OK, back to reality, headed to the dentist so I'm finished plugging Julia Sweeney for the moment, thank your lucky stars....

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Julia Sweeney on the Today Show Wednesday 4/3/13

Julia Sweeney
Julia Sweeney will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning talking about her lovely new book, "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother". She's the same wonderful, funny, smart, serious and genuine person that comes through in her prose. No, she's not paying me to say this, I'm just very pleased to know her and be able to read her great book. OK, I suck at the subtleties of PR. 

And if you need a great laugh, take a look & listen here.

Julia Sweeney on Morning Joe

Julia Sweeney "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother" Book Promotion
Julia is on Morning Joe right at this moment to promote her new book, "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother".

She sent me a copy yesterday. I'm in Chapter 23 "Hinky Dink is Sinking" along with our family's history. It's a wonderful, heartfelt read that at times was difficult to read without laughing and/or crying.

It's weird - I'm SO nervous for her, and this is what she does! And she's really good at it!

Knock 'em Dead, Julia. Love, Catherine