Monday, June 9, 2014

"Strawberry Eggplant Locked" Original Oil

Original Oil by Catherine Twomey
Stawberry Eggplant Locked by C. Twomey
Having just returned from a workshop in Sedona, Arizona, I immediately started a painting that would highlight what I'd learned. The terrific instructor was Abbey Ryan. She was prepared, patient and thorough throughout the workshop, which lasted one week. We even were located very close to a 20,000 acre unconfined wildfire, but we continued undaunted.

What was most informative about the workshop was learning that the skills I'd developed over the last thirty years as a medical illustrator translate over to oil painting. What a joy to be able to control the paint, using layering and coloring to control the emotion and focus of the painting. Abbey helped me a great deal with how to use and hold the brush as well as how to logically work my way through a painting to achieve what I intended.

There is much to be said for devoting myself completely to art for a set amount of intensive time. I was surrounded by fellow artists all looking for inspiration and progress, and the support we willed to each other was amazing.

Tomorrow, June 10, this original oil will be offered for sale at auction

The painting is sold unframed. The image below shows how the painting may look if framed:

Original oil by Catherine Twomey

Thank you, and thank you Abbey!

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