Sunday, August 9, 2015

African Shell and Rock, In Conversation

Just posted this:

African Shell and Rock, In Conversation
African Shell and Rock, In Conversation

To Fine Art America, where prints of it up to 43 X 60" can be purchased. Found this wonderful Sedona red rock outside the studio one day, the same day I found this smooth, pearlescent African shell in a mystical mysterious Sedona-type shop.

Moving to California on Saturday. No really, I am. To Danville, which is in the East Bay of San Francisco. I am so looking forward to painting new landscapes, people, horses and whatever else crosses my path. We're going to take two weeks to get there, seeing all kinds of friends along the way in Cleveland, Chicago, Montana and finally San Fran. Time for a good, good change.

BTW, the original is for sale. Email or give me a call at 262-893-4126 & we'll talk.

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