Friday, June 2, 2017

"Mountain Laurel Rhododendrons Spring Gala" Auction!

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oil painting by Twomey
"Mountain Laurel Rhododendrons Spring Gala" 6 X 8" by C. Twomey

From the garden this spring. Painted live, these mountain laurels and rhododendrons were having a gala event of blues, pinks and greens. The painting is 6 X 8" on archival linen board, unframed.

Art is my life. From the first art project I can remember (making a Christmas Nativity scene in grade school that overshadowed the resident artist) art has always been what brings me the greatest satisfaction. Without art, I am not who I am. 
I am now working full time as a fine artist, a dream that I've pursued for as long as I remember. Landscapes engage and challenge me, and I have a very soft spot for animals (that's me with Rosie the thoroughbred, left). 

My artwork has been featured at the world renowned TED (Technology, Education and Design) conference (TED MED in San Diego, on huge high definition screens throughout the exhibition center). I recently won the nationally acclaimed ArtInPlace competition in Virginia which placed a 12' X 24' mural on aluminum of my work, now seen by thousands of commuters daily. 

Two museums currently house my art: The William H. Benton Museum in Connecticut, and The LLoyd Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a great honor to be asked to exhibit and I continue to add to their collections. Speaking of collections, my work is a part of hundreds of private collections worldwide.

As a passionate defender of Artist's Rights, I have traveled to Washington, DC to meet with Senators and members of Congress as they debated the Orphan Works law (an attempt to "orphan" copyrighted artwork by separating the creator from their work) which we defeated. In addition, as a member of the American Society of Illustrator's Partnership, I continue to work to secure reprographic royalty streams from the ongoing publication of artist's works.

I have studied with some of the greatest artistic and scientific minds in the world: fellow medical illustrators. Leonardo da Vinci is considered the first medical illustrator, and his knowledge, technical abilities and deep curiosity are benchmarks for the field. 

As a Board Certified Medical Illustrator, I have had the privilege to know and learn directly from some of the most extraordinarily talented, smart and influential visionaries living today.

Fine art influencers include Georgia O'Keefe, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Degas. I look to their struggles and triumphs, and their unflinching persistence. 

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