Monday, December 4, 2017

Original Art For Sale, C. Twomey

"A Conversation: Eggplant Greeting Shell" by C. Twomey oil
"A Conversation: Eggplant Greeting Shell" by C. Twomey

These companions together were perfect. I don't know if it was the shapes (intriguing), the colors (harmonizing), the tension (subtle) or all of that - they just had to be painted.

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My painting process is to first layer in a warm color, like burnt sienna, onto white linen canvas. With that thin layer still wet, I wipe out the lightest areas, which later provides luminosity and usually is enough to define the shapes. Next, I apply the lightest and then darkest areas, which helps to establish the values and colors. Finally middle tones and more detailed areas are applied, always looking to harmonize the colors, refine the drawing and focus on the center of interest.

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