Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Auction Ending Tomorrow! Original Oil by C. Twomey

 Auction ending tomorrow!
"East Fall Blue Ridge No. 4" oil on linen board, C. Twomey

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This 8 X 10" on archival board oil painting is from a series, the first of which won the nationally acclaimed "ArtInPlace" competition and was reproduced into a 12 X 24' mural along a busy highway in Charlottesville, VA. Can't get enough of the Blue Ridge mountains, especially in the fall. This view is from Skyline Drive, looking towards the east around sunset in the fall. I've painted it four times now, and that's still not enough! This particular painting is more luminous than previous works, as the technique evolves. 
Media: Oil on archival board.
Auction Notes:My artwork has been featured at the world renownedTED (Technology, Education and Design) conference (TED MED in San Diego, on huge high definition screens throughout the exhibition center). I recently won the nationally acclaimedArtInPlacecompetition in Virginia which placed a 12' X 24' mural on aluminum of my work, now seen by thousands of commuters daily. 

Two museums currently house my art: The William H. Benton Museum in Connecticut, andThe LLoyd Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a great honor to be asked to exhibit and I continue to add to their collections. Speaking of collections, my work is a part of hundreds of private collections worldwide.
Fine art influencers includeGeorgia O'Keefe, da Vinci, Rembrandt and Degas. I look to their struggles and triumphs, and their unflinching persistence.

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