Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Liquid Gladiolus 2.0" Auction, C. Twomey

I'm in a new home in Asheville, NC, and this spring and summer has been a revelation. There are things popping up in the garden I don't even know the name of. However, I recognized the gladiolus immediately, and have been painting them ever since. They're fading now as the coneflowers and daylillies emerge, but the reds lasted long enough for another go-around.

Please click HERE to take part in the auction. This original oil in 8 X 10" on archival linen board, ready to frame.

Oil by C. Twomey
"Liquid Gladiolus 2.0", 8 X 10", C. Twomey

oil by C. Twomey
Enlargement of 
"Liquid Gladiolus 2.0", 8 X 10", C. Twomey

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