Friday, February 14, 2014

Advance Mills Hay Bales 1: Auction!!!

Oil by Twomey
Advance Mills Hay Bales

Auction listed at:

Advance Mills was an old mill town about two miles from my home. The road, Advance Mills, is one of my favorites - twisty, turny, on a ridge - the views along it are so spectacular you really have to focus to stay on it. 

We looked at buying some of this land, so I spent a lot of time walking it and loved catching it at sunset. You can see why. I had to work fast, as that shadow in the background rapidly crept over the sun spots. The woods behind were already dripped in shadow, with sky holes poking thru. What a glorious day.

This original oil on archival linen board is 6" X 8" and is unframed.

The painting would look like this if framed:

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