Monday, February 3, 2014

Sedona Day's End Oil Painting Auction

oil painting by Twomey
Sedona Day's End

To view Sedona Day's End Auction (starts on 2/4/14) click below:

As the sun climbed down thru the sky, I was on a bluff painting en plein air (live) as quickly as I could. This was my first trip in 30 years to Sedona, Arizona, but oh, was I glad to see such a sight. 

The rocks really are that color, the mist hangs over the valley and I only had about an hour or so to get my impressions down. I was surrounded by fellow artists, equally inspired, and we were so focused on nature's brief gift of a spectacular sunset. 

I'm heading back to Sedona in May, and can't wait to relive the other-worldly red rock offerings. 

This original oil on archival linen board is 8" X 10", and is unframed.

This painting would look like this if framed:

Sedona Day's End Sample Framed

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