Friday, February 21, 2014

Auction: "Storm's A Comin" by Twomey

 "Storm's A Coming" Twomey
"Storm's A Comin" 10 X 8" oil on canvas

Now at auction: a Twomety original oil painting "Storm's A Comin" 


This was one of those days when you can feel the ions in the air. Was it dangerous to start painting this enormous, approaching storm? Probably not; but I was in the moment and it was dramatic. This was painted on a beach near Tampa, Florida. The storm stayed out to sea, thankfully. 

The contrasts and colors were simply incredible. I had to hurry up not to get wet. Every time I look at this, I'm taken back to that warm tropical air, the flashing lightening and the sense of impending chaos.

This work is 10 X 8" on archival canvas. It is unframed. This is how this painting would look framed:

oil painting Twomey
"Storm's A Comin" 10 X 8" oil on canvas, sample framed
Thank you for your attention.

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