Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Horse/Equine Prints Offered "The Horse's Trot Revealed"

Here is the second in the series of "Walk, Trot and Canter" that I recently completed while moving across the country from California to Vermont:

equine print by C. Twomey
"The Trot: The Horse's Trot Revealed" by C. Twomey, assorted sizes

This shows a forward trot and an accurate skeleton, including correct positioning of the poll. It includes the typical footfalls of a trot and has a symbolic reference to the evenness and symmetry of the gait.

For years I have been studying and drawing horses out of a love for their beauty, intelligence and grace. I recently completed a series of Walk, Trot and Canter, which are offered individually and combined. Having a strong art and medical background, my goal was to combine the aesthetics of the gait along with the most accurate interpretation of the skeleton I could find. It was very interesting to find errors in classical references, and correct them here. My great admiration for the style and clarity of Leonardo daVinci's work is reflected in my chosen style. I wanted to convey the lightness, collection and beauty of what it is to ride.

Please visit Here Saatchi to view all of the gaits: walk, trot, and canter. In addition, the canter and trot are currently being offered right Here Fine Art America.

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